"In today's information age, a company's website is the key to their entire business.."

Marcus Sheridan, Author of The Sales Lion

Web Design Services

With the exciting opportunities for your brand within the media, building awareness and direction for your brand is essential. We will shape and maintain the image of your brand and create greater awareness through new media, public relations and digital marketing campaigns. Whether you need search engine optimization, a custom website, or anything in between, we can assist. Discover the latest strategies for helping your business GROW and convert more leads to customers today


People love to share what looks great!


With a responsive design, you get one website that can be viewed on all devices, present and future.


Easy to pleasant designs aligned to the latest website designs.


A website experience that is seamless no matter the device.

Wed Development

Your clients are visiting your website with their smartphones, laptops, widescreen desktop monitors, iPads, tablets, wristwatches, Google Glass... you get the idea. With a responsive design, you get one website that can be viewed on all devices, present and future.

Smart Device Friendly Design

Have you tried to view a very large website on a very small smartphone screen? Or been frustrated by a ‘mobile site’ that is so stripped down you can’t find what you need? 2013 has been described as the post-PC era. Your website is no longer seen solely on a desktop computer or a laptop. Tablets and smart phones are rapidly outpacing computer sales. Many households utilize all three, and expect their website experience to be seamless no matter the device.

Designed for Web Browsers

Can you afford to invest in a website that looks great, but doesn’t build your profits or your brand? Why invest in a pretty website if it doesn’t generate leads and turn browsers into buyers? At Mannix Marketing, you can have both — a beautifully designed site and a successful one. Mannix Marketing looks at your business, your industry and your demographic to design a site that appeals to your core market.And, we don’t just design for the computer screen. We understand that today’s websites need to look great and perform well on a variety of devices. In fact, it’s predicted that in 2014, more people will view websites on mobile devices than on desktop monitors. Contact us today for a cutting-edge design that is fast loading, search engine friendly and compels your clients to take action.

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"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

Dieter Rams

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